nonnotte / Standard T-Shirt -Greige-
nonnotte / Standard T-Shirt -Greige-
nonnotte / Standard T-Shirt -Greige-
nonnotte / Standard T-Shirt -Greige-
nonnotte / Standard T-Shirt -Greige-
nonnotte / Standard T-Shirt -Greige-
nonnotte / Standard T-Shirt -Greige-
nonnotte / Standard T-Shirt -Greige-


nonnotte / Standard T-Shirt -Greige-

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Standard T-Shirt -Greige-



Length 67cm Shoulder width 48cm Width 54cm Sleeve length 18cm

Length 69cm Shoulder width 48cm Width 56cm Sleeve length 19cm

[Size worn]
180cm wearing size 5

【Product Details】
The material is 100% cotton links knit with 60/2 high twist yarn.

To create a silk-like feel, the yarn is burned with gas to remove fuzz.

We thought hard about what kind of T-shirt would be best suited for Japan's humid summer climate. The answer we came up with was,

"The feel of the tightly twisted yarn is crisp and silky."
"The surface of the fabric is uneven, like the texture of a woven soccer fabric, so it doesn't feel sticky and is comfortable against the skin."
"It's made of natural fibers, so it can be washed many times, tumble dried, and is strong enough to wear the next day."
"No shrinkage, no skewing"
"It doesn't pill over time."

And hopefully, a touch of elegance.

As you can see from reading this, it is a very selfish and difficult material to realize.

To achieve this, as mentioned at the beginning, the tightly twisted yarn was further gas-burned and the weave was woven to create an ostrich-like appearance in order to express the unevenness.

The jacquard technique reproduces the plain weave of woven fabric, and the stretch of the tightly twisted yarn is achieved by taking advantage of the difference in tension.

The links knitting machine is an old machine that can only knit one bolt of fabric per day. The dyeing process uses a tumbler finish to create the desired texture.

It can be washed at home in the washing machine and can also be dried in the dryer.

Even with lots of wear, it is less likely to pill, which is a common problem with cotton T-shirts.

This is a high-quality, heavy-duty product that you can use with confidence.

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