nonnotte / Oversized Shirt -Cloud Pink-
nonnotte / Oversized Shirt -Cloud Pink-
nonnotte / Oversized Shirt -Cloud Pink-
nonnotte / Oversized Shirt -Cloud Pink-
nonnotte / Oversized Shirt -Cloud Pink-
nonnotte / Oversized Shirt -Cloud Pink-


nonnotte / Oversized Shirt -Cloud Pink-

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nonnotte / nonnotte

Oversized Shirt -Cloud Pink-


Length 73cm Shoulder width 51cm Width 65cm Sleeve length 60cm

Length 76cm Shoulder width 53cm Width 68cm Sleeve length 61cm

Length 79cm Shoulder width 55cm Width 71cm Sleeve length 62cm

[Wearing size]
180cm wearing size 5

【Product Details】

The material is nonnotte's original fabric, which is spun from organic ultra-long cotton No. 35 single yarn, a thick thread, and produced at Kaneta Orimono in Shizuoka Prefecture, a weaving shop that can weave fabrics with the highest density in the world. We use clear heavy broad, which we developed jointly with the company.

Its characteristics are that it is woven as densely as possible using thick yarns, and that it has a clear finish that gives it the look of a dress shirt.

When it comes to shirt count, there is an aesthetic sense that the thinner the shirt is, such as 100 or 200, the better, but designer Sugihara thinks that if you wear it once, you will only remember that it will wrinkle, and that it will be difficult to care for it. There was an experience where I stopped taking it.

However, even if you weave broadcloth with a thicker count, it will just be a regular durable casual material like an oxford cloth.

Therefore, I felt that it was necessary to maintain the beauty of the surface with a high density that rivals that of a dress shirt.

Clear Heavy Broad is a fabric jointly developed with Kaneta Textile and finally completed over many years.

Since it is 100% cotton, it will of course wrinkle, but I hope that you will feel that the uneven wrinkles that show the strength of the thick material are part of the expression of this material.

And this time too, I'm focusing on color.

This time's colors were cut out with the image of the most beautiful scene between the sun's rays and the setting sun, which can be seen during the time from sunrise to sunset, whose appearance changes over time throughout the day.

The shape is a three-dimensional oversize that you will never get tired of.

We are aiming for a size that will be a companion throughout your life.

We created it with realistic everyday use in mind, keeping in mind that it can be worn like an outer shirt or as an inner shirt.

Take it out of the washing machine, dry it, and wear it again the next day without ironing. We have created a shirt that you can repeat over and over again.

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